Chakra Intention Candle
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Chakra Intention Candle

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These chakra stone candles are made with lots of love and intention, and they should be burned with the same sentiment.  They are made with soy wax and your choice of wood wick or regular wick.  

Choose from either the Light and Love candle or the Prosperity Candle and be sure to focus your energy when lighting. 

The Light and Love candle is made with our signature Moon Magic scent.  It is purple, contains amethyst chakra chips, orange zest, sage, glitter stars, and is made with the intention of light and love in your life as well as in the space you burn. 

The Prosperity candle is made with a signature Eucalyptus Blend including both patchouli and clove as well.  It is green and contains aventurine chakra chips, a bay leaf, sage, and cloves. It is made with the intention of prosperity and abundance in your life and as well as in the space you burn. 

Each candle contains sage to help promote cleansing and clearing of energy and space. 

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